San Joaquin County

Board Letter

Receive Report and Provide Direction and Funding to the Department of Public Works for Increased Illegal Dumping Prevention and Cleanup, and Increase the Public Works Budget by $100,000 Funded with Appropriations for Contingencies for a Pilot Program for Cannabis Cleanups. (All Districts) (4/5ths Vote Required)


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  2. Board Order B-18-619
  3. B-18-619a

Meeting History

Sep 25, 2018 9:00 AM Video Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

Public Works Director Kris Balaji introduced Deputy Director Jim Stone, who presented the staff report. Messrs. Balaji and Stone and Program Administrator for Homelessness Initiatives Adam Cheshire responded to questions of the Board.

Motion to approve staff recommendations and directed staff to return to the Board if other funding becomes available for the costs associated with the pilot program for cannabis cleanups, in order to reduce the amount needed from Appropriations from Contingencies Approved B-18-619; Budget Appropriations B-18-619a

MOVER:Katherine M. Miller, District 2
SECONDER:Chuck Winn, District 4
AYES:Katherine M. Miller, Chuck Winn, Bob Elliott, Miguel Villapudua